Coping With Loneliness
Cultivating a Positive Attitude

Coping with loneliness can feel like an uphill battle. One of the keys to a healthy lifestyle is to build and maintain interpersonal relationships. This is an important part of any personal development plan.

What is loneliness? Loneliness is a feeling where people experience a powerful surge of emptiness and solitude. Loneliness is more than the feeling of wanting company or wanting to do something with another person. Someone who is lonely may find it hard to form human contact.

Causes of Loneliness

There are different causes of loneliness. See if any of the following apply to you.

  • Being unable to fit in

  • A broken heart or missing someone

  • Feelings of rejection

  • Being impatient with others. Friendship takes time to develop

  • Lack of listening skills. Poor listeners often come across as self-centered so they have few friends

  • Anger - at one's self, at others, at the world in general.

  • Low self esteem or low self worth. If you do not value yourself, you feel you are not worthy of relationships

The causes of loneliness may not seem to make sense. You may feel isolated, as if no-one understands -- your partner, friends, parents, and colleagues are not really interested in you. These negative perceptions can play heavily upon your emotions. Do you suffer from a level of social anxiety? Are you introverted?

Part of your self improvement plan is coming to an understanding of loneliness and finding ways of coping with loneliness.

Dealing with Loneliness

To deal with loneliness we must examine our personal core values.

What is truly important to us? Cultivating a positive attitude towards an interpersonal relationship is just one of the major healthy lifestyle factors.

Most of us are social beings. We want and need contact with others. There is no cure for loneliness. This implies that we can take a pill and all would be better. How to deal with loneliness is a matter of understanding why you are lonely and making the positive changes needed to overcome loneliness.

We must explore various self improvement ideas in the area of coping with loneliness. In order to avoid emotional health problems associated with loneliness be sure to read the articles that will help you with how to improve interpersonal relationships and how to overcome loneliness.

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