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In the quest to provide interesting content for our readers, we would like you to submit your current health articles.


People are looking for all manner of self improvement articles with relevant up-to-date information and here is your chance to have your say.

Maybe you already have a blog or website and are looking for an extra place to submit your content to. Please feel free to submit articles here.

And also be sure to include a link and a short bio if this is the case.

Take a look at the navigation on the left side of this page and if you have any information that is relevant to any of those subjects please submit your article here.

Just start writing and share your knowledge on any topic that you feel is applicable! Any article with at least 350+ words will be very welcome. You can also add images if you want.

When you submit an article it becomes a page right here on the site! How cool is that?

I will review all article submissions to make sure they are appropriate self improvement articles and that they have quality content.

Make sure that your article contains only original content. I will run it through Copyscape to make sure it doesn't contain duplicate content.

What is duplicate content?:
If the article or parts of it that you've just submitted appear anywhere else on the net or you plan to submit and publish it in other places on the net - that is duplicated content. It is against Google's guidelines and will unfortunately not be accepted on this site.

Make sure you have a title and please indicate which category you feel your article submission should go in.




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