Improve Interpersonal Relationships
A Key Healthy Lifestyle Factors

How can you improve interpersonal relationships? Building healthy relationships is a key healthy lifestyle factor.

Use your momentum...keep going. You know you can make it

Why is it that you feel the need to improve interpersonal relationships with those around you? What are you hoping to accomplish?

  • More openness
  • More honesty
  • Better communication

Healthy relationships are just one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle.

Not too many of us do not have communication with people outside our home, and consequentially, there will be an interpersonal relationship that is made whenever we relate to another person.

As time goes by, this relationship can turn inactive, or maybe as in the situation of affection or healthy dating relationships, it will grow and prosper.

But the actual key to any significant relationship is successful interaction involving two people.

That declaration will be every bit as true to develop interpersonal relationships as it will be for occupational relationships, for the matrimonial relationship among husband and wife, teenage relationships, mother daughter relationships, etc.

Successful communications cannot be more important, particularly in a matrimonial relationship.

In today's world where both the husband and wife are working full time, things happen during the course of a regular day. But it is only at the day's end when two people are relaxing that successful communication will take place.

It will not matter how ordinary, since even in ordinary conversation you can learn a lot about another person, being sympathetic will be important to them, what annoys them, and what they find pleasurable. This is key to improve interpersonal relationships.

Maybe your spouse is depressed about something, whether financial stress, job demands, dealing with the kids or anything else.

How much time do you provide for your partner to improve the mood? If you can answer "none or not much", then you may be running the risk of your relationship beginning to fall apart.

The failure of the relationship will not occur overnight, but it is all of the "ignored opportunities" to show that you care, are understanding, and will support your spouse that will all add up over time.

Respect is also a key ingredient of any relationship. If you do not feel you can trust someone, your communications with them will be brief or nonexistent. There is no real relationship there.

That type of relationship may be fine for the person at the gas station, but how many people have that kind of relationship with their spouse? The real answer to that question will probably scare you, but you do have control over that and the fate of that relationship, even your marital relationship, rests squarely in your hands.

Trust is another key element of any relationship, which goes hand in hand with respect. You need to feel you can trust the person you are communicating with.

If you don't have a level of trust with that person, even your spouse, then your communications will reflect that lack of trust. You won't elaborate on things you say, you won't go into details, and you will subconsciously leave out information that may leave you vulnerable to a future rebuttal or even attack from the other person.

Many times, especially in a marriage relationship, the three key elements of a relationship (communication, trust and respect) slowly start to erode over time.

It is typically not a conscious thing, but it can happen if both spouses are not aware that they need to keep all levels of these elements at peak values consistently.

To improve interpersonal relationships you must make time for those that are important to you.

Sit and have a coffee. Go for walk. Hold hands. Kiss. Ask how the others day was and actually listen to the answer.

Here is what you can do to stay physically fit and active while in a relationship.

  • Have a romantic date in the kitchen cooking a healthy dinner together. You will be saving money as well

  • Keep up with your fat burning workout plan. Get your partner to work out with you.

  • Limit yourself to one glass of wine. Drink water instead

  • Do not compromise when it comes to eating stuff you would not normally eat. Be true to yourself

  • Snack on healthy foods. Fruits and veggies. Make sure you have these items around

  • Make time for yourself to be active, whether it's to hit the gym, take a yoga class, or go for a run. Make fitness dates with your partner or friends

To improve interpersonal relationships with those you care about takes time and effort. The results however, will be worth the time you put in.

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