Is Nutrition Important?
Pick the best nutrition for life

Why is nutrition important?

Why can't we just eat what we feel like and stay healthy? What does it matter what we put in our bodies?
Let's start by first looking at what nutrition is:

The Definition of Nutrition:

1. The process of nourishing or being nourished, especially the process by which a living organism assimilates food and uses it for growth and for replacement of tissues.
2. The science or study that deals with food and nourishment, especially in humans.
3. A source of nourishment; food.

Is nutrition important? We tend to rely on our natural good health and our medical guru's to keep us going but we forget the amazing power of the foods that we eat. We are, after all, the food that we eat.

What we put in our mouths, those nutrients, performs little miracles inside our cells. The nutrients we take in changes our cell's destinies on a continual basis and with that, our destiny in terms of health, longlivity and general well-being.

Sounds great, but what does it mean in practical terms?

Examples of the nutritional value of some foods:

  • garlic can kill cancer cells,
  • spinach can help to prevent cervical cancer,
  • cabbage can help to detoxify pollutants in our air,
  • cranberries will assists with bladder infections,
  • ginger is great with digestive problems,

Food plays a huge roll in our mood and emotional well-being as well. It can make us think clearer and faster, let us perform better intellectually or play havoc with our concentration.

It can pull us out of depression and even alter our brain chemistry.

Eating the wrong foods can lead to debilitating diseases such as multiple sclerosis or even Parkinson's disease. It can cause cell activity that only years later show up as cancerous growths.

Benefits of Healthy food

  • dilate air passages to ease breathing, rejuvenate cilia in the lungs to prevent chronic bronchitis, asthma and emphysema.
  • decrease and prevent rheumatoid arthritis and ease pain and swelling.
  • reverse skin conditions and relieve the itching and redness associated with psoriasis.
  • stimulate the body to manufacture killer cells to fight bacteria and viruses.
  • improve immunity and sort out common colds and hay fever.

Most of our health problems and general body functions are influenced and dictated to by what we eat. Food can literally make or break us. Healthy nutritious food is the ticket to continual good health.

Everything you put in your body is going to be used to try and nourish your body. How you are able to think and perform throughout the day is obviously related to your level of nutrition. If you live on carbs you can't expect to look and feel great.

Proper nutrition and the question of why is nutrition important does not need to be a mystery. Let's get started:

Educate yourself, then make a list

Nutrition planningTake a look at the Food nutrition chart to see what's in the foods that you eat.

Visit the Healthy eating guidelines page to have a look at a food pyrimed to see what you should be eating and how much of it you need to eat per day.

Find out what is the best Recommended daily calorie intake for you.

The List of healthy food page will show you the basic food groups and how to incorporate it into your diet and lifestyle.

The Human body digestive system page takes a quick look at the interesting way your food travels through your body.

Gluten free

Guten free sign

Gluten free diet plan takes a quick look at the symptoms of gluten intolerance and the paleo diet as an alternative.

The Symptoms of gluten intolerance page goes into more depth on the symptoms and what to do to discover if you are dealing with this and what you can expect.

Food, glorious food!

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