Marriage Compatibility Test
Pre Marriage Questions

I believe that every couple should take a marriage compatibility test before tying the knot. I mean really dig down and ask the tough questions. Are you compatible at all or are you so much in love that you believe that love will conquer all?

When in love, we tend to think that our relationships are perfect and that destiny is knocking on our door and that everything will turn out all right. We think that our differences are cute and are not important enough to take real notice of.

Marriage Compatibility Test

We are floating in a wonderful love-bubble that has very little to do with reality. The sad thing is that we are so much in love that we really think that this love is reality and will continue for ever and ever. Aren't we supposed to live happily ever after?

I think love is the most wonderful emotion we are capable of feeling, but making a life long decision needs to involve more that our feelings of love. It needs a good dose of reality and honesty and objectivity.

How will you know if you are compatible with your partner? Have you sat down and looked at your personal core values? Do you know who you are and what you want from life?

Pre marriage questions to ask

Love Compatibility Test

People are afraid to ask the tough questions before marriage, afraid to take a marriage compatibility test, because they are afraid of what it may reveal about their relationship.

That is the point.

Isn't it better to find out now, before you get married, rather than later? Take responsibility for what will be the biggest decision of your life. If you think you are mature enough to be getting married then you must be asking these questions of yourself and your partner. Take a marriage compatibility test. Or talk to a marriage counselor and get some pre marriage counseling.

I believe couples planning a long term relationship, or already immersed in one, should answer these questions separately, in writing, and then discuss their answers together. Try to understand your partner's point of view, and think of ways you can meet in the middle.

Here are just a few of the marriage compatibility test questions you should be asking:

  • Do you need your partner to make you happy and fulfill you?

  • Besides love, what is your main reason for marrying your partner?

  • How important is affection? How do expect to express you affection?

  • Does a marriage require work on your part? What will it entail?

  • What does the word "compromise" mean to you and how will you apply it to your marriage?

  • How much of a priority if your health to you? How will you deal with it if one of one contracts a life threatening disease?

  • How do you keep in shape?
  • Pre Marriage Questions
  • How would you handle it if one of you gains a lot of weight?

  • Who does the cooking, dishes, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, garbage/recycles, kitchen floors and counters, bathrooms, grocery shopping, errands, lawn maintenance, snow shovelling, gardening, and odd jobs around the house?

  • When married, will you look at pornografy?

  • Will you ever consider cheating on your partner? How will you react if you partner cheats on you?

  • How will you react in a situation where someone makes a play for your partner?

  • How important is good sex to a good marriage? How important is a good marriage to good sex?

  • Do you want to have children?

  • If yes, when should you start trying for children? How many would you like to have?

  • Who is responsible for the child raising duties? Who is responsible for their discipline?

  • How important are a nice house, car, clothes, good job to you? How will you deal with it if you lost everything and have to start over with nothing? Can you be poor together and survive?

  • How much of your income would you like to save?

  • Do you gamble, drink alcohol, smoke, do drugs, go out with your mates?

  • What do you prefer? A rural setting, city life or a house in the suburbs?

  • Who controls your relationship? Why? Can you live like this for the rest of your life?

  • The toilet seat should be up? Down?

  • How do you prefer to spend your free time?

  • What is your idea of fun? What is your idea of the ideal party?

  • What kind of vacation do you prefer to take? How often? How will you pay for it?

  • Are you impulsive or a planner? How do you deal with the unexpected?

  • Do you share the same level of religious commitment? How do you deal with it?

  • How will you resolve things if you argue? What will you do if you partner is very angry with you and won't talk to you?

  • Can you trust your partner to keep his word? How would you react if you catch your partner in a lie?

  • How do you get on with your partner's family? Will your partner choose your side if they turn against you?

  • Do you share your inner thoughts with your partner?

  • Do you understand and accept how you partner thinks and make decisions?

Sobering isn't it?

These marriage compatibility test questions are just the tip of the ice-berg. There are hundreds more marriage compatibility test questions that need to be asked on topics such as religion, politics, sleeping habits, your home, eating/food, vacations and hobbies, pets, your upbringing, sex, money, and more.

Please do not only get married because you are in love. Ask the tough questions before marriage. Take a Marriage Compatibility Test to spare yourself a lot of tears later.

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