Healthy Relationship Stages
Developing Healthy Relationships

An article examining healthy relationship stages. Awesome advice on Building healthy relationships with romance ideas.

Different relationship stages.

Things have certainly changed over the past few decades in regards to how we view relationships. That's not all that has changed. The very roles we play in our relationships have changed as well.

Think about it. When my grandparents were getting married and starting a family, the father figure was the breadwinner; the mother was the child raiser and homemaker. Two generations later and we see a total reversal of that situation. And of course we see many situations where both partners work.

If we are talking about a relationship in which the partners are coming together as one unit, then we do see a pattern that develops.

I have often wondered what a healthy relationship looks like. I am sad to say that I do not feel as though I have truly experienced one.

I have been in the various stages for sure, but have not really felt as though they were completely healthy relationships. That is not an easy thing to admit, but if I am ever fortunate enough to find myself "in love" again, I do not want to make the same mistakes.

How does one go about building trust in a relationship?

How do we go about maintaining a healthy relationship?

These are questions that are worth considering.

To get us started, here are the stages of a healthy relationship.

Courting/Infatuation Stage

You can't get enough of each other. Most of us have been here. You are calling each other all the time. You want to be with each other 24 hours a day. It just can't sustain itself. Then we go to the...

Cooperation Stage

You begin to realize that you do have some differences, but are able to communicate and work together. We start to pull back a little bit and before we know it, we are in the...

Independent Stage

You realize that you need some time for yourself and other people. You do not want to be with your partner exclusively, if at all, even though you are still a couple. If we survive this stage we go on to the...

Balance Stage

If you make it this far, you have worked through any differences and learned to compromise. There is balance between the relationship and the outside world. The two can co-exist. There is a deeper level of intimacy and trust. You have reached a deep level of compatibility with each other.

Understanding these stages may prove vital as you examine your own relationships. Hopefully your next relationship will be the healthiest one yet.

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