Signs of thyroid problems
Symptoms of thyroid disorders

Looking for the tell tale signs of thyroid problems?

The onset of the signs of thyroid problems is very gradual and you won't notice it at first. It is usually the people around you that will notice that something is wrong with you and draw your attention to it.

Signs of thyroid problems

At first you might deny or question it, since a lot of the symptoms of thyroid disorders can be explained away or attributed to other things such as over-work, not eating well, depression or having trouble losing that baby-weight.

If you suspect that something is wrong, but you can't put your finger on what exactly it might be, have a look the the two lists below to see if you recognize some of the signs of a thyroid problem in yourself.

The common symptoms of thyroid disease can be divided into two areas. The first deals with a thyroid that is inactive or under active and the second deals with a thyroid that is hyper- or over active.

Signs of thyroid problems - under active thyroid:

  • Weight gain, loss of appetite,
  • Tired, weak, forgetful, everything slows down,
  • Dry, coarse skin,
  • Hair loss, coarse, thinning, difficult to handle hair,
  • Constantly feeling cold, cold skin, hand and feet,
  • Swollen eyelids, face, tongue, hands and feet,
  • Decreased sweating,
  • Pale skin, yellow undertone, pink cheeks, pale lips,
  • Constipation,
  • Shortness of breath,
  • Irregular and heavy periods,
  • Slight hearing loss,
  • In rare circumstances: Palpitations, chest pain.

You are experiencing a general slowing-down, puffing up, dryness and feeling cold all the time.

For a more detailed description of under active thyroid symptoms visit the Symptoms of underactive thyroid page.

Signs of thyroid problems - over active thyroid:

  • Feeling hot, increased sweating,
  • Blushing skin that feels hot, clammy
  • Palpitations, fast pulse,
  • Nervousness, over activity combined with exhaustion,
  • Weight loss, increased appetite,
  • Fatigue, weakness, running out of steam,
  • Shakiness of especially the hands,
  • Diarrhea and loose motions,
  • Eye complaints,
  • Swollen legs,
  • Swollen neck,
  • In rare circumstances: weight gain, constipation, loss of appetite.

You are experiencing a general speeding up, heating up that are accompanied with running out of steam however driven you might feel.

Read a more detailed explanation of the Overactive thyroid symptoms here.

What to do if you have the signs of thyroid problems?

You can start by educating yourself a bit by reading the pages listed below so that you know what thyroid problems entail and then make an appointment with your doctor to do the required tests and start with treatment.

This can be successfully treated - so do your homework and get treatment!

What does the thyroid do?
Under active thyroid symptoms
Over active thyroid symptoms
Thyroid disease treatment
Thyroid storm symptoms

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Signs of thyroid problems
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