Thyroid disease treatment
Thyroid cure?

Find out what Thyroid disease treatment involves and if a thyroid cure is possible. We will look at the treatment for both under active and overactive thyroid symptoms.

If you suspect that you have signs of thyroid problems your first port of call should be to go and see your medical practitioner. He (or she) will take you medical history, listen to your symptoms and send a sample of your blood to a laboratory for analysis.

Thyroid disease treatment

The levels of thyroid hormones in the blood will be measured.

Additional tests may be done to look at your blood count, cholesterol concentration, liver function, blood calcium levels, glucose levels and a ECG for your heart.

If the test(s) come back with a positive result your thyroid disease treatment will begin and may involve the following:

Treating an overactive thyroid

Visit the Signs of thyroid problems page for a brief overview of all the symptoms that may lead to you getting thyroid disease treatment.


Everyone starts treatment by receiving medication that will reduce the production of thyroid hormones. You will be started on a higher dose to achieve a rapid effect and then it will be gradually lowered until an ideal maintenance dose is reached.

Surgery to remove some of the thyroid:

Surgery becomes an option in cases of big goiters, for persons under the age of 45 that have continual recurrences of thyrotoxicosis, for those who can't take thyroid medication for some reason or when planning a pregnancy.

In most cases two-thirds of both lobes of the thyroid gland will be removed. About two in twenty-five people will develop thyroid underactivity in the years after surgery - be sure to go for follow-ups to monitor this possibility.

Radioactive iodine:

The radioactive iodine, taken as a drink, is absorbed by the overactive thyroid cells and then destroys the cells that have absorbed it. As the cells die off, so the output of thyroid hormones is reduced. This process takes about six to ten weeks.

Treating an underactive thyroid

Thyroid hormone replacement:

A standard maintenance dose of 100 to 150 micrograms of pure thyroxine is usually taken. This must be taken for the rest of your life. It will have no side-effects since it is a natural hormone that replaces what is missing. The only issue will be to find that perfect level of medication that will work for you.

Iodine treatment:

This may be an option if you do not obtain enough iodine through your normal diet. This deficiency is becoming rarer as more countries are using iodized salt.
Do not self-treat with iodine as iodine intake can have very unpredictable effects and can cause you more harm than good. Iodine levels and the resulting thyroid hormones needs to be closely monitored and should never be guessed at.

Looking after your general health:

In conjunction with taking medication you will need to carefully work on keeping as healthy as possible to regain your full fitness and functionality.

Eat healthily.
Stop smoking as you have an increased risks of heart disease due to your thyroid problems.
Follow a gentle exercise program to regain stamina and muscle tone.
Protect your skin from dryness by using moisturizers, rubber gloves for working in water and conditioner for your hair.

Suffering from thyroid problems is something that can be treated very successfully. At the beginning of your thyroid disease treatment it may seem hopeless and frustrating, but if you hang in there and get to the stage where the correct dosage for you has been established, your life can return to normal.

Try to find a medical practitioner that specializes in thyroid related problems and stick to the treatment. You will get better in time.

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