Thyroid storm symptoms

On this page you will find a list of thyroid storm symptoms to look out for when dealing with an over active thyroid. A thyroid storm or crisis is life threatening and should receive immediate medical help.

A thyroid storm develops when an over active thyroid goes untreated or into crisis and releases too much thyroid Thyroid storm symptoms hormone into the bloodstream. When the levels of thyroid hormone become very high the ordinary over active thyroid symptoms intensifies and a thyroid storm or crisis will develop.

This is not very usual, but very dangerous. Thyroid storm symptoms can develop over a very short time and are life threatening. This is very serious and any person with these symptoms should be rushed to medical help immediately.

Thyroid storm symptoms:

  • The first and most important tell tale symptom will be a very high fever. It can be as high as 105-106 °F. The whole body will feel warm to the touch and the patient will be sweating a lot.

  • Elevated blood pressure.

  • The heart rate will be elevated and it may be accompanied by chest pain.

  • Vomiting and dehydration.

  • Shortness of breath and shallow breathing.

  • The patient will seem irritable, anxious, disoriented and may lose consciousness.

  • Heart failure and death.

You should take someone exhibiting these symptoms to an emergency room immediately. A high fever, rapid heartbeat, disorientation accompanied with exhaustion are very serious and should receive immediate attention.

The main focus of treatment will be to decrease the amount of thyroid hormone that is in circulation in the bloodstream urgently. The death rate of a thyroid storm used to be 100% but with better diagnostic tools and aggressive treatment it can be lower than 20%.

If someone that your care for are dealing with an over active thyroid or if you are suffering with this problem, make sure to take your medication as prescribed and follow your treatment plan to the letter. Experiencing thyroid storm symptoms can be prevented and only occur in rare cases. Make sure that you are not one of them.

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