Why Time Management Is Important.
Tips on Time Management and Organization

You lead a busy life. This, of course, is why time management is important There are many demands placed on you and time is at a premium. Some time management tips may be in order.

Definition of Time Management

The examination of how operational hours are exhausted and the prioritization of everyday jobs in order to make the most of personal effectiveness in the workplace

One of the keys to a healthy lifestyle is getting a handle on your time management.

It has been said that time waits for no man. No, it certainly does not. It keeps on going and going. Kind of like the energizer bunny of the universe. And yet it may be the one thing that most people want more of. How often have we heard it? "If only I had more time I could just..." Just what?

Finish that project around the house or at the office? People love to complain but do not have a true grasp of why time management is important. You will be less stressed.

It may also be an issue with procrastination.

Here is a question for you. If I offered you one thousand dollars to find a few extra minutes or extra an hour to do these things, or any other, would you find it? I bet you would. We should not need a financial motivator!

Perhaps it is poor time management skills that are the real culprit.

You need to examine your personal core values.

Do you value time? I am sure you do. But are your daily actions and decisions in line with your perceived value of time?

Personal Time Management

time management is important

A key factor in understanding why time management is important is that we all have the same amount of time. The day consists of 24 hours. Some people do not get 25 hours.

What exactly would this extra time do for us? Would we get more accomplished? More things started and finished perhaps? More hours to do the "things that we want to do"?

Well for starters, how much time do you spend watching television per day? How about surfing the internet? Those two activities alone probably chew up at least a few hours per day.

The world will keep turning even if you do not watch television or spend hours mindlessly surfing the internet. (Reading this does not count).

Tips on Time Management

Here are some time management tips to help you get a started:

  • Keep an activity log to track your activities (however frequently you wish to track them - daily or weekly)

  • Make a list of things that have to be done. Make a separate list of things you would like to do or try.

  • Get in the habit of scheduling important events in your life

  • Really try to go a day with not TV or internet. Then make it two days. Limit these activities to 5-7 hours per week.

  • Don't forget to stay flexible. You're no longer doing this to climb a corporate ladder or to prove your competence.

  • There's no need to plan every minute of every day of your life. But at the same time be mindful that you are playing with the most precious of all commodities you've got left. Make it count.

Time management is important. Now it is up to you to get a handle on it.

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