Weight Loss Motivation
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You need real weight loss motivation. You also need the truth as to why you have not been successful with your weight loss goals. This page will help you with these issues.

Giants start small and grow a little bit every day

What most people don't realize is that the ultimate goal should not be to just lose weight.

It is to change how you think about your physical life.

Losing weight is often achieved, but not sustained. In fact, 95% of all people who lose weight regain the weight, plus more, within three years; most within one year.

Why is that?

Well for starters, so many people are searching for the fastest way to lose weight and to just lose weight quickly.

Weight Loss Motivation

Also they did not change their thinking. The goal was to lose weight. Yet while they were working on it they were thinking, "I can't wait to lose the weight so I can eat what I like again. I won't have to exercise as much."

Once the weight is lost the individual returns to their original lifestyle patterns, and regains the weight. Thus, a lifetime of weight on, weight off, diet after diet.

Have you actually visualized yourself with the body that you want to have? I mean actually seen it?

We are not taught the benefits of visualization. Visualization and positive self talk provides powerful weight loss motivation. This is why I feel that your brain is the most powerful tool you have to help achieve your weight loss goals.

Even when we commit to eating healthy to lose weight we may not follow through.

  • We get stuck in our patterns.

  • Even though we want change, we keep doing the same thing.

  • Even when we know we are doing the wrong thing, we keep doing it.

  • Even when we agree to change, we don't follow through.

Over a life time of repeated thought and behavior, your brain developed synaptic connections that create your thought patterns. Whether you realize it or not, this highly developed, super-organized thought pattern is the operating system to your behavior.

But guess what? The good news? You can change. Yes, you can!

You will need to re-train your brain. You will learn that you can change your thinking. In weight loss motivation section, and throughout this website, you will learn techniques to change your thinking.

Together we will develop new patterns. A new operating system in regards your health and weight. New patterns to success. We will edit the thinking that resists advice.

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