Weight Loss Visualization
Weight Loss Motivation Tips

Using weight loss visualization and visualization exercises is one of the best ways to build self confidence and find motivation to exercise.

So how can you use visualization to help achieve your weight loss goals?

Weight Loss Motivation Pictures

Your brain and your subconscious needs to create a picture of what it is you are trying to accomplish. Something concrete.

  • You can take pictures of yourself in a bathing suit, print them, and post them around the house

  • Take a marker and gently shade in the areas you would like to improve

  • Get a picture of a physique that you admire and superimpose your head on the body. Just be sure to make it realistic and attainable

Programming the Subconscious For Weight Loss

Seeing yourself losing weight is programing the subconscious mind to do what you want. Imagine how your body will feel and what it will look like.

You need to spend time on power positive thinking and your weight loss visualization skills.

Here is how:

  • Sit quietly and comfortably.

  • Once you are in position, start breathing deeply.

  • Close eyes. Keep it closed during your visualization. Keep your belly soft. Let that softness spread from your belly into your legs and upper body.

  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Picture yourself standing before a mirror, seeing a noticeably thinner you. Imagine entering the mirror and merging with that image, becoming that slimmer you. Feel your clothes hang more loosely on you.

  • Now separate yourself from the image and step out of the mirror, but keep your eyes on it. Open your eyes.

Here is a weight loss visualization recommended by Debbie Johnson, author of "Thinking Yourself Thin - The visualization technique that will make you lose weight without diet or exercise."

"I am walking on the beach, feeling slim and beautiful/ handsome. I feel people watching me as they notice how lean and lovely/strong I am.

I feel the warm sand move under my feet as I walk barefoot. The salty ocean air fills my nostrils. I breath deeply, loving the feeling of health and vigor. The waves roll in, their majestic sound enveloping me.

I hear children playing and screaming with delight at finding shells or building castles. I am so happy to be alive in this moment and grateful for the new body I have. I feel more confident, healthy, vital, relaxed, and serene. I am at peace with my body and myself."

Practice your weight loss visualization two or three times a day for about five minutes. Do them when you first wake up, again during the day and when you go to bed. It will make a difference.

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